Jewellery-Designer-Maker who works with narrative and concept to create one-off pieces which recognise and reflect the beauty of communication with an emphasis on the traditional forms being surpassed by the modern world. Contemporary, sculptural jewellery which takes inspiration from discarded postcards capturing a gentleness from the past to reflect and honour the beauty of these traditional forms of language, communication and handwriting.

I have been inspired by the traditional forms of writing and ways to communicate which are being surpassed by the dominance of modern social media such as email, text and Facebook. Unknown senders and recipients of these aged postcards provide intrigue and appreciation for a passing form of communication. Each unique postcard holds history in its language, fluidity of writing, photography and old stamps which inspire me to combine them into jewellery designs and create new contemporary stories.

Designing ways to protect and present these artefacts is the focus of my work and the use of cold connections and settings allow the postcards to mimic precious stones. Etching has allowed me to transfer the original handwriting to silver and practising as a sustainable jeweller I use the recycling of unwanted silver jewellery through a timely process continuing my relationship with discarded materials and recreation. Creating one-off pieces of jewellery which capture and continue this essence of traditional beauty I hope to be able to use my jewellery to communicate to others that traditional means of interaction remain beautiful, important, and worthwhile.



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