Portfolio 1

‘Two Circles’ Brooch Sterling Silver and Postcard detail. Commission

‘Brooch 136’ Circular Brooch with 1900’s Postcard detail.

'Delightful' Brooch. 1900's Postcard and blue dome.

‘Delightful’ Brooch. 1900’s Postcard and blue dome.

'Devon' long necklace. Oxidised Silver and 1900's postcard.

‘Devon’ long necklace. Oxidised Silver and 1900’s postcard.


‘Beautiful’ Necklace. 1900’s Postcards and blue dome.


Lily of the Valley Pendent


‘Tattoo’ Bangle with Postcard detail and oxidised shapes.

Brooch with Trees

Brooch with Trees


Brooch with trees back. 1900’s peacock postcard detail.

Textured bangle with 1900’s postcard triangles – commission


Postcard Earrings

photo 1

1900’s triangle postcard studs.


1900’s triangle postcard studs.


Silver bangle with 1900’s postcard decoration.


Silver bangle with 1900’s postcard decoration.

Fine Weather for Tennis

‘Fine Weather for Tennis’ Brooch, 2014. Recycled Silver with 1900’s postcard and stamp.



Collection of rings

Collection of rings

'British Goods are Best' Recycled silver, 1900's postcards, garnet

‘British Goods are Best’ Recycled silver, 1900’s postcards, garnet

Stamp Earrings

Stamp Earrings

'Calais' earrings

‘Calais’ earrings

'Affectionate Friend'

‘Affectionate Friend’



'The young heart borroweth music from everywhere'

‘The young heart borroweth music from everywhere’

'British Manufactured Throughout' Ring 2014, Oxidised Copper and 1900's postcard. (prototype)

‘British Manufactured Throughout’ Ring 2014, Oxidised Copper and 1900’s postcard.


Commissioned Postcard cufflinks 2014

'My Dear Old Girl' - Ring. Recycled Silver and 1900's postcards. 2012

‘My Dear Old Girl’ – Ring. Recycled Silver and 1900’s postcards. 2012

'Mademoiselle' & 'My Dear Old Girl' Rings. Recycled Silver and 1900's postcards, 2012

‘Mademoiselle’ & ‘My Dear Old Girl’ 2012 Rings

'Message in a Brooch' 2012

‘Message in a Brooch’ 2012


5 thoughts on “Portfolio 1

  1. Chloe I think your blog and portfolio, in fact all of this is fantastic. Seeing it all like This tells a story of three years hard work. But more than that, a story of results coming from the many more years of preparation and dedication that have brought you to this place. Well done indeed, and stay focused.


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