Gift Vouchers

A selection of tools used on my Bangle Making Workshops (which i’ve had a great response to) and also Gift Voucher cards available to purchase for a friend or loved one. These can be for a workshop or an amount to be used towards a piece of my jewellery. Loving sneaking into the workshop when little ones having a nap!


Recreating lost Treasures…

I have been tidying up the workshop recently, it has become quite the dumping space since our little one arrived!! I found these beautiful treasures along the way which are just crying out to be recreated into something new!

Whilst studing at University ideas of concept within in my work really began to take centre stage within my Jewellery. One of the main ideas being that my jewellery allows the postcards or in this case the treasures to continue their story and journey through life. Travelling, being touched and worn and admired by others. I still love this idea and it plays a strong part in my narrative jewellery. I hope to get into the workshop soon to get working on these pieces. 

Postcard to choose

I’ve been working on this brooch every chance I get when baby’s sleeping. It’s a simple brooch design which would suit a gentleman or woman. I have to admit I don’t give myself the easiest pieces having limited time but I love the soldering challenge. 

Now i just have to choose the perfect piece of postcard to put in the brooch… What colour? Writing? Stamp? We will see…

Lapel Pin Brooch

I made this pretty brooch for my Dads 70th Birthday. Looks fab on his waistcoats he wears! 

I love the red stamp detail complementing the blue handwriting and there is also hidden detailing on the back. Intriguing and wearable this brooch continues the story of the original postcard being seen and admired by new people. This is what I love about these one off pieces they are not hidden in a box their story travels on. 

One-off pieces are available to order, please email me for details.