End of Degree – My Display for assessment and the Summer Show

End of Degree – My Display for assessment and the Summer Show

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Last Friday 23rd May was a big day for me! After 3 years of a studying a BA in Jewellery and Silversmithing I handed in my FINAL module ‘Creative and Professional Conclusion’. It was a strange feeling and as I sit here preparing for my presentation tomorrow to talk about my work I feel sad, sad that the routine of Uni, with my tutors and friends has come to an end. However, I can only be excited about what is to come in the future. Uni has been incredibly hardwork and time consuming and I now can’t wait to find opportunities to exhibit and work in the big wide world!!


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For my 1st brief of the 3rd year I have been exploring the ideas of using ‘Postcrossing’ and the postcards I receive in my concepts and designs. I also wanted to expand my skills and knowledge of making boxes and hinges as I had not previously spent much time on this and also continue my exploration of  image transfer.
This is the start of my making for the brooch ‘First Lessons in Penmanship’ I created which was inspired by a postcard I received from a girl in Taiwan who is learning to write cursive (which is joined up handwriting). I found it fascinating that being such a lover and obsessor of beautiful handwriting another person from another culture was only just beginning to learn. Still a bit rough around the edges but this brooch enabled me to use both my improved technical skills and combine my ideas and concepts.