First lessons in Penmanship – Brooch

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Continuing with the making I developed my ideas into thinking about a usable brooch for someone who is learning to write cursive. I thought about a quill and ink (which i will develop later) but decided on a interchangeable slot with a blackboard and chalk so you can write then wipe! Also this means pictures, photos and other lovely things can be put into your brooch which is revealed when you open the door. I used a new process with ‘Image transfer solution’ to apply the image of the professor looking chap which is from an 1900’s postcard I adore and a copper nitrate patina which gives the beautiful turquoise colour and a vintage look. A quirky piece of jewellery which comes alive with interaction and discussion giving me, the Maker a relationship with both the Wearer and Viewer.


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For my 1st brief of the 3rd year I have been exploring the ideas of using ‘Postcrossing’ and the postcards I receive in my concepts and designs. I also wanted to expand my skills and knowledge of making boxes and hinges as I had not previously spent much time on this and also continue my exploration of  image transfer.
This is the start of my making for the brooch ‘First Lessons in Penmanship’ I created which was inspired by a postcard I received from a girl in Taiwan who is learning to write cursive (which is joined up handwriting). I found it fascinating that being such a lover and obsessor of beautiful handwriting another person from another culture was only just beginning to learn. Still a bit rough around the edges but this brooch enabled me to use both my improved technical skills and combine my ideas and concepts.