Elegant Simplicity 

Although most of my collection involves the beautiful and unique postcard details I like to play with and use the geometric shapes that have developed from my designs. Creating these elegant and simple pieces allow me to offer a more wearable and affordable range of jewellery which is important to me as a designer. 

These rings are available to buy. Please follow the ‘shop’ tab to my online store. 


Beyond thoughtful… 

I was recently asked to create this Bangle as a birthday gift for the customers wife’s special birthday. I love to be able to create these one off pieces for people to give as such a thoughtful and sentimental gifts. 

I make these bangles for you with your chosen words or come to my workshop for a 2 hour lesson where you will make the bracelet from start to finish. For more information on the workshops please go to the WORKSHOP tab or email me chloeo_brien@hotmail.com. 

Happy New Year 

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a truly fantastic Christmas and time to relax with your families. 

It has been some year for me. Adjusting to becoming a mother and learning (or trying to learn) that I can’t do everything all at once with a newborn! Saying that I  succeeded in curating a successful Craft show ‘Christmas Makers at Anrán’ (more on the event in another post) at the beautiful and unique venue of Anrán @ Tidwell Farm www.anran.co.uk. I had my work for sale at ‘The Mint’ PopUp in Plymouth and ‘New Hands’ in Totnes which were both fantastic events.

Thank you to those who supported me and bought jewellery for loved ones this Christmas, I hope everyone was pleased with their pressies. 

I’m not sure yet what 2017 will bring for me but all I can wish for is happiness, health and watching our beautiful daughter grow and bring so much love. 

Gift Vouchers

A selection of tools used on my Bangle Making Workshops (which i’ve had a great response to) and also Gift Voucher cards available to purchase for a friend or loved one. These can be for a workshop or an amount to be used towards a piece of my jewellery. Loving sneaking into the workshop when little ones having a nap!

New techniques

IMG_5834            IMG_5883

So… the start of my final year at University!! A long summer off I can’t wait to get back into my making but the thought of only 8 months left daunts me incredibly.
We started off with a quick weeks project using materials and process not used in our disciplines which for me, a meticulously organised person was quite hard work.
We have continued the experimental process into our first major project of year 3. Developing knowledge of processes and our interests into concepts we are pushing our boundaries of what we already know.
I am playing with box making, hinges and cold connections. Image transfer through etching and enamelling and continuing with my love and interest in vintage postcards, handwriting and neglected objects.

At the bottom of the garden is where you’ll find me.

IMG_5579 IMG_5502

After years of wishing for the perfect workshop I finally am the happiest girl to have the perfect one. Down to the bottom of my pretty country garden, pass the overgrown trees is a beautiful old shed which I have been working hard on over the summer to make workable and of course a girls little haven! I have been busy making already and as I’m sure all crafts people will agree with I just want to be in there all the time. I am about to start my 3rd year at Uni so with the weather drawing in I know I’ll be getting a cosy jumper on and spending many hours at the bottom of the garden.

Tribe Magazine feature


Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 20.59.52

Tribe Magazine feature

Completely ecstatic that I’ve been featured in Septembers issue of ‘Tribe’.  An International creative crafts magazine. It features my latest narrative jewellery pieces which focus on communication between the maker, wearer and viewer with the appreciation of old fashioned forms of communication. It’s a wonderful magazine showing a beautiful range of craftsmen and artists.