It was lovely to make this bangle today. It’s a design which has been on my mind for sometime and today I got to create it. A new type of setting for the postcard, prong setting instead of rivet. It could be tweaked but really happy with this 1st attempt. The colours all complement eachother also. What a beautiful postcard.


New opportunities, thoughts and designs

french necklace

I’ve been finding it hard to juggle working part-time and making for my upcoming events. I’ve really missed the full time making of being at Uni but my part-time job has recently given me great new opportunities and I’m loving the new challenges. I suppose this is the time I’m coming to realise how difficult it is to be a full time maker and live independently from making jewellery. However, I am working out my routine and on my days off I am loving being in my workshop, turning on the radio and quietly creating. I have been designing and thinking about how I can develop my postcard jewellery into pieces which are more wearable and affordable.  I love this new piece, feminine and pretty it includes a pretty floral postcard pattern, delicate french writing and complementary oxidised sterling silver. Soon to be on show at Victoria Sewarts Contemporary Jewellery Gallery in Plymouth. Until my next day off….

End of Degree – My Display for assessment and the Summer Show

End of Degree – My Display for assessment and the Summer Show

photo   photo 3

Last Friday 23rd May was a big day for me! After 3 years of a studying a BA in Jewellery and Silversmithing I handed in my FINAL module ‘Creative and Professional Conclusion’. It was a strange feeling and as I sit here preparing for my presentation tomorrow to talk about my work I feel sad, sad that the routine of Uni, with my tutors and friends has come to an end. However, I can only be excited about what is to come in the future. Uni has been incredibly hardwork and time consuming and I now can’t wait to find opportunities to exhibit and work in the big wide world!!


IMG_6014 IMG_6015 IMG_6017

For my 1st brief of the 3rd year I have been exploring the ideas of using ‘Postcrossing’ and the postcards I receive in my concepts and designs. I also wanted to expand my skills and knowledge of making boxes and hinges as I had not previously spent much time on this and also continue my exploration of  image transfer.
This is the start of my making for the brooch ‘First Lessons in Penmanship’ I created which was inspired by a postcard I received from a girl in Taiwan who is learning to write cursive (which is joined up handwriting). I found it fascinating that being such a lover and obsessor of beautiful handwriting another person from another culture was only just beginning to learn. Still a bit rough around the edges but this brooch enabled me to use both my improved technical skills and combine my ideas and concepts.

New techniques

IMG_5834            IMG_5883

So… the start of my final year at University!! A long summer off I can’t wait to get back into my making but the thought of only 8 months left daunts me incredibly.
We started off with a quick weeks project using materials and process not used in our disciplines which for me, a meticulously organised person was quite hard work.
We have continued the experimental process into our first major project of year 3. Developing knowledge of processes and our interests into concepts we are pushing our boundaries of what we already know.
I am playing with box making, hinges and cold connections. Image transfer through etching and enamelling and continuing with my love and interest in vintage postcards, handwriting and neglected objects.

Postcrossing – LOVE postcards!!



My last postcard sent!


I found Postcrossing about a month ago through my research into postcards for my jewellery. It’s a wonderful way of communicating with people from all over world and gives excitement to opening your postbox without the thought of it only being bills bills bills!! You sign up, then are given an address to send to worldwide. So far I’ve sent to Germany, Russia and the Netherlands and recently received from Taiwan. I am hoping to collect postcards which have an individual touch, message and snippets of the senders personality. Developing ideas to create these cards into jewellery which reflects the sender but currently a work in progress.

Tribe Magazine feature


Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 20.59.52

Tribe Magazine feature

Completely ecstatic that I’ve been featured in Septembers issue of ‘Tribe’.  An International creative crafts magazine. It features my latest narrative jewellery pieces which focus on communication between the maker, wearer and viewer with the appreciation of old fashioned forms of communication. It’s a wonderful magazine showing a beautiful range of craftsmen and artists.