New opportunities, thoughts and designs

french necklace

I’ve been finding it hard to juggle working part-time and making for my upcoming events. I’ve really missed the full time making of being at Uni but my part-time job has recently given me great new opportunities and I’m loving the new challenges. I suppose this is the time I’m coming to realise how difficult it is to be a full time maker and live independently from making jewellery. However, I am working out my routine and on my days off I am loving being in my workshop, turning on the radio and quietly creating. I have been designing and thinking about how I can develop my postcard jewellery into pieces which are more wearable and affordable.  I love this new piece, feminine and pretty it includes a pretty floral postcard pattern, delicate french writing and complementary oxidised sterling silver. Soon to be on show at Victoria Sewarts Contemporary Jewellery Gallery in Plymouth. Until my next day off….