narrative jewellery

starting research for my Uni essay I am writing on narrative jewellery. Looking at relationships between the wearer and the piece, inspiring stories and connecting people through jewellery. 

2 thoughts on “narrative jewellery

  1. Hi Chloe, thanks for following my blog! Not that much happening at the moment to be honest, trying to juggle life with my making. My practice is very much about narrative, telling a story and sharing a concept with the viewers/wearers of each piece. If there is anything you would like to know to help with your research let me know! I have recently graduated myself but am happy to share. sounds like a great essay too.

    • Hi Eleanor, thanks so much for your comment. Yes your help would be amazing. I have only just started learning about narrative jewellery but already find it fascinating and inspiring. When I’ve got my thoughts a bit more together I will be in touch. I think your work is beautiful and such interesting concepts.
      I am currently making a travelling scroll brooch which I hope to send to wearers to get their own personal touch and interaction through written messages. A type of ‘message in a bottle’ idea. I will post up some images soon, would love to know what you think. Thanks, Chloe

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