‘Message in a Brooch’

These are images of my work from my recent University brief ‘Public realm’. Inspired by the past time of a message in a bottle, the brilliant song by The Police and based on Vicki Mason’s ‘Broaching change project’. I created a brooch made from recycled silver (old silver jewellery) that through temporary ownership travels from wearer to wearer by admiration and consent to being a part of my project. Embossed with personal messages of friendship and ones missed from people far and wide. I ask for the brooch to be worn, a personal thought or message written on the paper, passed on to the next person then a photo and your thoughts sent to me to post here on my blog. Making it has been a pleasure, my inspirations and excitement, including Eleanor Simm’s jewellery, Jack Cunninghams ‘Maker-Wearer-Viewer’ concepts and the ‘Transplantation’ exhibition at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen have began a new fascination of Narrative Jewellery. Would love to hear your thoughts and maybe it will one day reach you.

Finished piece






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