Personal Project - vintage postcards

I have successfully finished year two of my BA in Jewellery and Silversmithing which has been fantastic! Our final project was to create a piece or range developed from our own personal interests and inspirations with the aim  to show at The Contemporary Craft Festival.
A fascination of language and handwriting gave me the desire to appreciate how we interact with each other, in particular the old fashioned ways before modern technology took over social communication. I love foraging and sourcing things old. Finding snippets of history which tell a previous story, have a person’s touch or that may have travelled far and wide. This led me to find beautiful postcards, letters and telegrams which remember a particular person or place and are written in a way which evokes gentleness from another time and tell beautiful stories of empathy and moments in history.

I chose to use the postcards to create pieces of jewellery which complement the beautiful fluid handwriting and personal messages written to loved ones. Continuing their journey, capturing memories from unknown characters and creating new connections and interaction with new wearers and viewers.


Personal Project – vintage postcards

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